1. Hell Bound

From the recording Fill It Up

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Songwriters: Aaron Haugland/Andrew Marks
Producer: Aaron Haugland
Coproducer: Patrick Burkholder
Engineer: Patrick Burckholder
Mixers: Patrick Burckholder/Aaron Haugland
Mastering: Hank Williams

Recorded and mixed at Pawnshop Studio in Van Nuys, CA.

Mastered at MasterMix in Nashville, TN.

Vocals: Aaron Haugland
Drums: Andrew Marks
Bass: Andrew Marks
Electric Guitar: Lee Jackson
Lap Steel: Joel Martin
Pedal Steel: Joel Martin


I grew up on rock & roll
and anything bad.
I grew up a serpentine
and anything mean.
I grew up on a Harley Softail
born in 87
Ridin down that road like a bat out of hell
makin people listen.

They're always gettin me wrong
doin 95.
See these images of leathers and boots
don't fly.
Well I'd kill a man but save a dog
if I had the chance.
Don't you push the needle pass the red
somebody's gonna end up dead.

Flash bangs in my mind.
Ghosts and shadows in my eyes
Ride the sand and burn the sticks
I always knew I'd end up hell bound on 66

I leave a trail of smoke everywhere I go
but I go no where.
So I pony up to my local bar
can we get some shots down here.
Well that's where my demons that's where my bones, them all come out.
They wanna dance they wanna play they wanna scream and shout ya.

So we ride flash bangs in my mind.
Ghosts and shadows in my eyes.
Ride the sand and burn the sticks.
Well look at me now well I'm hell bound on 66

A rusty gun that's lost his shine
A cowboy who's past his prime.
Every mile I ride I leave my demons in the dust.
That soulful engine roar's the only thing I trust

I've fought your wars and sold my sole for your worthless dimes.
While life moved on without me I was lost in time.
But I'll saddle up and take this road and she will provide.
So clear this town I'm ridin through gonna find my soul.

So we ride. Oh flash bangs in my mind.
Ghost and shadows in my eyes
Ride the sand and burn the sticks.
You can find me now on route 66.