1. Amazin Grace

From the recording Fill It Up

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Songwriter: Aaron Haugland.
Producer: Aaron Haugland
Coproducer: Patrick Burkholder
Engineer: Patrick Burckholder
Mixer: Patrick Burckholder/Aaron Haugland
Mastering: Hank Williams

Recorded and mixed at Pawnshop Studio in Van Nuys, CA.

Mastered at MasterMix in Nashville, TN.

Vocals: Aaron Haugland
Drums: Billy Baker
Bass: Michael Brebes
Acoustic Guitar: Aaron Haugland
Electric Guitar: Michael Brebes
Violin: Leah Zeger
Organ: "The Rev" Brian Qualls


She had piercin eyes like a fire in the sky on a moonlight desert night.
She was a tanned up hottie who kept talkin kinda funny but her drawl kept drawin me in.
Given me that come and get me look. She's movin her hips, she's rockin them boots. Given me fits.
Baby. Well here I am. You're about to rock my world and I just gotta know.
What's your name now baby, don't be shy. She said her name was Grace and she fell from the sky.

Oh well amazin Grace.
Oh well amazin Grace.
She was lookin something pretty. She was my savin Grace.
Oh amazin Grace.

Well if you got a hankerin to get up out of here and throw some sand up with the tires.
Baby just climb on up, right into my truck and we'll kick it country style.
Let me just finish this now let's all be clear, I've only had a couple, just a couple of beers.
You can be the sweet pea to my pod and I can pick a git fiddle all night long.
As you sing to me and scoot a little closer. The heavens open up as I lean in to kiss ya.
And I just gotta know.
Well is this the start of the rest of our lives.
She whispered come and get me as she grabbed my thigh.

Oh amazin Grace.
Oh well amazin Grace.
This tanned up hottie kept talkin kinda naughty and her body kept drawin me in.
Oh amazin Grace.

Now this little fire cracker has got me hooked like a large mouth bass on a Sunday afternoon.

Oh amazin Grace.
Rockin them hips and given me fits.
Oh amazin Grace.
As I play my git fiddle all night long.
Now I got my own little piece of heaven on Earth. Well it started with a kiss now she's given me the look.
Amazin Grace.