TSA Pre. Worth Every Penny.

Travelling and lines. Especially if we fly, it's just going to happen. However! For a small investment of $85 and maybe 3-4 hours of your time, you can alleviate some of that stress and wait time for 5 years. That's a $17 per year to skip the majority of lines. Like a "Fast Pass" at Disney World, this entry ticket will catapult you to the front of those long airport lines. Now if you fly out of a regional/smaller airport, you might not need this. However, if flying back, through or your main hub is a major airport, this will be worth the time.
Here's what I can tell you. First, go through the TSA website to see if you qualify. Essentially if you're a US citizen and not into illegal things, you should qualify.
Second, Click to APPLY
Third, schedule a time to go into the nearest TSA office. There, you will pick a day and time to come in, pay fee and give your finger print. I waited 5 mins and was done with this process in 4. In a couple weeks, if approved, you will be sent a letter with you "Known Traveler Number".
Once approved they will issue you a "Known Traveler Number". You will want to report this to the airlines that you fly with. This is the only way that they know you have TSA Pre. And once you do this and buy a ticket, you will see the "TSA Pre" emblem on your pass like above. That's it!
A couple of things to check before applying:
1. Does my airport have TSA Pre Check?
2. Does my airline participate in TSA Pre Check? Using the same link above, you can check your airport and it will list the participating airlines. But here are a few.
Virgin America
Sun Country
Air Canada

In the end, if you don't like lines or fly more then once a year, TSA Pre is worth the investment.


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