St. Thomas Historic Stroll

St. Thomas is known for it's shopping in Charlotte Amalie. Mainly, it's duty free jewelry. But there's also historical sites to see too! #1 tip when walking about town, have proper foot attire. It will get hilly on this hike. And you'll love it!

Take a taxi to the Legislature Building and start your journey!  Here's the path we followed with a couple pit stops and places we didn't step into but it lead us on a great path through the town.
Starting at the bottom, you work your way up to the top. And it's a climb so be prepared with footwear and water!

This is the Governor of the Virgin Island's home... and the breathtaking water fountain and view.
From there you can take the "99 Steps" (actually 103) to Blackbeards Castle. The steps are made of bricks from Dane ships in the 1700's. They lead to the highest view point tower. It's speculated that pirates, even Blackbeard himself used it. Yaaarrrrrrrr!!!!
Here's the view from Blackbeard's Tower.
From there head to town and get lost in the alleyways and find yourself at a rum bar to refuel and get back at it. Whether shopping for pirates gold (which they do have!), to jewelry to the usual St. Thomas T-Shirt!
I got lost in the architecture. But it's a shipping merchants paradise. You know... if you're into Chanel, Swarovski, Omega and Tiffany.
Charlotte Amalie. There's no other place like it. Now time for some rum! Yarrrrrr!

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