Key West Kayaking

Travelling is all about adventure and experiencing things for the first time. So I've made a list of things I've never done and want to do on a island, from "relax on a hammock by the beach" to "scuba dive". One of those, was to Kayak. Turns out, Key West is a great location for kayaking. After reading through reviews and factoring in the launch site compared to our hotel location, I went with Lazy Dog Adventures. and I'm glad we did!
Fast and easy reservation and payment online. They make various suggestions and you can even prepay for a bottle of water, which I suggest you do as well. Being a first time kayaker and semi coordinated, I would categorize this 2 hour guided tour, on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being Physical, a 2.5. Our guide, John, made the suggestion that we use a 2 person kayak as it's easier and you're able to rest while the other paddles if needed. Which we did, to take a moment to look around and down in the water. Here are a couple photos found online of Kayaking in Key West.
Here's a list of WHAT TO DO WHEN KAYAKING:
1. Don't do it hung over
2. Stretch to get those limbs ready for some activity
3. Morning will be cooler so dress accordingly
4. Sunscreen!
5. You will get wet! (So leave electronics behind and just enjoy the moment)
6. Feel free to keep the vest off. As long as it's in reach, it's fine. (Unless white water rafting!)
7. Get ready to see some beautiful things!
The 2 hour guided trip took us through boat channels, into tree covered mangroves, gave us the ability to touch starfish, learn about marine life and see Manatees up-close!!! Total cost for 2 hours for 2 people, 2 waters, $20 tip was $112. Worth every penny.

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