Key West Duval St.

Duval St. is a mix of the French Quarter in New Orleans, part Vegas, dash of Venice in L.A. and a sprinkle of the Caribbean life style. From dive bars and burgers to high end jewelry and restaurants. It can be as exciting or low key as you want it to be!

Here's a list of Key West Bars to check out and our list from the weekend!

The Key West Bars visited:
1. Sunset Pier
For music to get you in the mood and a sunset beverage!
2. Hogs Breath Saloon
With 3 musical acts playing on Saturday, you can't go wrong! All specialty cocktails in every bar were around $8-9.
3. Captain Tony's Saloon
The original bar Hemingway frequented (apparently). This bar felt like being in Deadwood, SD. Country acoustic, rowdy party people at 7pm at night... Fun atmosphere
4. Angelina's Pizza
If it's a quick bite you're looking for (as it can be a long night here) I suggest Angelina's Pizza. $8 for 2 NY style slices and play some pinball while you wait!

5. Bull & Whistle
A 3 level bar, music on the bottom at The Bull. A sports bar and great view on the 2nd level at The Whistle and most famously as EVERYONE there would talk about or ask "Are you going to the third floor?" As it is known as a clothing optional bar Garden of Eden. Key West is known for it's LGBT and Nudist community. Key West is also artsy and open to all cultures! Anyways, here's pictures of the 3rd floor!!!!!.... Just kidding. Just the 1st and 2nd as we did not partake in the 3rd floor shenanigans.
6. Two Friends Patio Restaurant
Not on our list but ended up being our last stop! This off Duval St. Karaoke bar had a small crowd, the wait was perfect and the atmosphere was encouraging. Even those who were off key had everyone singing, swaying, dancing and clapping!
Wherever you go, pop into a random place and have fun! Never know what you will see!

Other Key West Bars to check out!

Turtle Kraals (They have turtle races here!) 
Schooner Wharf (GREAT Breakfast and view)
The Green Room (Hotel bartender said best dive bars) 
Irish Kevin's (Hotel bartender said best dive bars) 
Sloppy Joe's
Smallest Bar
Rick's Bar
Senior Frog's (For the college glory days)
Green Parrot (Off Duval but a great local bar)
The Porch (Also have huge burgers/fish sandwiches!)


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