U.S. Airport Security Line Advice

So you've made it to the security line. Checking your flight time, checking in on Facebook, texting your friends about how awesome the trip is going to be. But once that's all done, you may want to take 5 minutes prepping for security.

Here is what I do (When I'm NOT in the TSA Pre Check line.)

1. Utilize my carry on bag: Taking my belt off, hat, pull over, ANYTHING in my pocket and shove it all in the bag. This way I don't have to put it in a bin and once I walk through, I just grab my bag and walk away to a less crowded area to collect myself.
2. Double check fluids. Did I accidentally leave that bottle of water in my bag?
3. Proper foot wear: Think to yourself "Easy on, easy off". I DO suggest wearing slip on shoes with socks to protect your feet from the floor and even the airplane.
4. Leave the computer at home: But if you do bring it, pull it out of the bag BEFORE standing at the bin area.
5. Place computer in top bin of the rack. Pick up 2 bins. Place them individually on the table. Place shoes and carry on in one bin, computer in the second. DONE.
Prepping in line will stream line things for you and everyone else! 
You'll then be on your way to day dreaming about your destination. -Aaron


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