Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

To say the word "boat" you may think a 4 person seater, row, paddle. This is not that type of show. We're talking billion dollar type YACHTS! These things are massive. 3-6 stories tall. This show is packed with THE nicest yachts ever built. If you're ever in the market for a billion dollar yacht or just want to marvel at the beauty of these ships, then you will want to make a trip to this show! From touring yachts to classes on how to properly dock a boat, this show has it all on yachting.

Check out their website for more info! CLICK HERE

They say that Fort Lauderdale is the Yacht capital of the world. And I believe it. I live close to New River, which is the main river that goes through Fort Lauderdale. I see yachts all the time. It's a different kind of world. I know people that don't have a home and just live on their yacht. Making money via the internet and have the ability to island hop for months on end. Below you will see a picture I took of the Boat Show. The rest are boats that I've seen cruising along the New River. Also saw  something new today, a guy taking a leisurely with his jet pack.


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