Dominican Republic Horseback Excursion

The DR is a beautiful place. And there are multiple ways to see the island. But we decided that a tour of the backcountry via horseback was the best. Our local adventure guide who also booked my fishing tour, pointed us in the right direction. Taking my fiancé and I off to a farm 45 minutes into the interior of the island, we were soon on a solo tour through banana fields and cattle. (Don't mind the shaky horse riding pictures that I took! Ha!)We made our way through small shanty villages, passing schools and 1 room homes, stopping at the local gift shop to purchase whatever knick knacks and support the locals. Our path was filled with beautiful scenery and also showed the true life and blood of the island, the people.
Our path finally lead us to a stunning beach. Filled with locals selling trinkets and tourists that had been lead there via 4 wheeler. We were the only ones to arrive via horseback.

My suggestions for going on a horseback tour is to bring comfortable clothing, be prepared to get dirty, trust the animal (just because you think it's better to go one way, the animal may think it's better another), eat before you go and don't bring unnecessary items as the horse will have to carry that as well. Enjoy!

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