Dominican Republic Fishing.

The DR was where I first saw and fell in love with the Caribbean. Relaxing along her beaches, splashing in the cyan waters and then dancing and enjoying the local beverages at night. She was beautiful.
On the 3rd day of our trip, I decided a little fishing was in order. I sought out our local adventure guide at and began to haggle. First asking for a half day fishing trip. The key to haggling is to never pay what they ask for. And if you do, you put it out front right away what you expect from the trip. I usually start at about half of what they ask. I told him I can afford $90 for 4 hours of fishing. And so it was settled. I was picked up in the AM, making stops from hotel to hotel picking up 6 other people. 2 from Croatia, 2 from France and 2 from Canada. After many smiles and nods and very little talk, we climbed aboard and were off. We navigated the sandbars out into the Caribbean on our way out to sea.
Once far enough out to barely see land, we started trolling. Trolling is a method of fishing where multiple lines are thrown into the water with bait and pulled behind the boat as we cruise along.
We sat and waited until the the lines started making the "zzzzzz" sound and the rod started bouncing. That's when we took our turns reeling them in! One by one we each got a Mahi. Mahi, a part of the dolphin family, are beautiful in the water. Resembling a swimming band of vibrant colors in the water. But the moment you pull them out of the water, they are a dark green shade. Or as a friend of mine put it, "When you reel in a Mahi, it's like reeling in a rainbow." They are abundant in the Caribbean and fun to catch, thus why they are highly sought after. I reeled mine in and was satisfied. Easily 30 inches and fun to bring her in. In the end we had caught 10 total. I highly suggest if going on a fishing trip to bring water, sun screen, a hat, snacks and be prepared in case of motion sickness and last but not least enjoy it!

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