Caribbean Expedition

Since moving to Fort Lauderdale, FL, I have had this internal change of writing and gravitated towards a more laid back, easy going, beach vibe. Maybe it's that I'm on the corner of the Caribbean, or that every other weekend…

New song coming soon

While in Denver, I wrote a handful of songs and travelled to L.A to record them. I still have 4 of those songs that haven't been released and I think it's time to share 1 of them. Some of those songs recorded were Country…

New Location.... New Sound? Probably...

Hey there gang! Sometimes life throws you lemons or limes and in this case my girlfriend and I were thrown oranges so we are making Orange juice in Florida! With that said, my heart is gonna start coming out of…

"I'm Gone" is #143 in the Top 200 Europe!

"I'm Gone" has made it to #143 in the Europe Country Music market!
This mainly includes traditional radio!
I'm think a Europe trip may be in the future.
Thanks for listening! -Aaron
Reported for April 15-21.

Let's write a song together!

Hey there singers and songwriters! I'm looking to write songs either with or for you. 
If you're a singer looking for songs on your next project, or you're a songwriter looking to build your catalogue, send me an email!
Technology has made…

Stations playing "I'm Gone"!

The following stations have gotten back to me within a day of receiving my new song "I'm Gone" and have said they will put it in rotation! Give these stations a listen and feel free to request "I'm Gone"!


"I'm Gone" available April 29th!

Hey there friends! I'm releasing "I'm Gone" April 29th. Available on my website, iTunes or Google Play!

I wrote "I'm Gone" with 2 things in mind. 1. Getting laid off. And 2. Sticking it to the man. I think we…

New song coming soon!

How's it going everyone! After months of writing and production, I will be releasing a new song in March/April. No date set yet, but be on the lookout!

My cover of "The Christmas Song" NOW available

It's Christmas time everyone! And my cover of "The Christmas Song" is now available in my music section, iTunes, Amazon and the Google Play store! Download it and enjoy! -Aaron

Chris LeDoux and the Ignorant Individual

I have to admit, it wasn't until I moved to Colorado that I was introduced to Chris LeDoux. My girlfriend Stephanie and my good buddy Randy Burghardt played a major part in fixing my major malfunction of not knowing Chris Ledoux's songs…

Releasing "A Christmas Song" Thanksgiving weekend

This is just a timeless classic. One of those songs that you hear and it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. So when I decided I was going to cover a Christmas song, there was no doubt about which…

New Songs coming soon!

I recently recorded 5 new songs and 1 Christmas cover and they are ready to be mastered in the coming weeks! I'm still debating as to release them as an EP all at once or to release them individually over the…